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Category: Dental chairs



Supply the conformtable experience for patients



 With design of the third rotating axis,the lamp is able to offer and overall illumination。
Exclusive design of nanometer technology cuspidor,
photocatalyst sterilized light shined TiO2 to produce oxidation action to reach sterilization efficacy to arrive self clean effect,also can make 90 degree movement for your treatment convenience.
considerated design for child's headrest
Reset chair position system conform to ergonomics backward and chair move together for sit conform. Can adjust 12 degree elevation
one piece holder provide you an easy cleanness and avoid cross affection
Multi-Functional foot Controller
 Without needing to couch anything by hand, all essential functions can be controlled easily and preciously. To avoid cross contamination in any way.
Safety touch switch chair emergency stop and tiny spring to ensure security.
1.double ssystem of water exchange,as for user's clinical need and treatment effect,exchange hi-sp & water and resupply another water.
2. Easy take a part to resupply water.